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Solid Cord Braiding Machine

Number of carriers 9, 12, 18 & 24
Bobbin dimensions ∅55mm x 160mm,
∅70rnrn x 225mm

Solid cord braiding machines differ from the more familiar type braiders as all carriers travel in the same direction, one carrier going under the two proceeding it, forming a cord by producing a series of lock stitches. As the cord forms, it is drawn through a former, which keeps the cord central against the pull of the several carriers, thus forming an even, round and solid cord.

These machines are designed and intended for use where a solid braided rope is required without a core. They can, if necessary, be used with a core.

These machines are used in the manufacture of marine cords, window sash cords, clothes line, signal pull rope, awning line, curtain cord, and for many other purposes where a solid, non¬kinkable rope is desired.